Minor highlights of the past few weeks

I haven’t updated in a while, as I’ve been otherwise engaged with getting my tonsils out and ignoring my laptop. This is just going to be a quick post of 10 things that have made me happy over the past few weeks:

1. The case of the missing teaspoons. All but one of our teaspoons have mysteriously disappeared from the flat. This in itself doesn’t make me happy, but the only possible logical explanation surrounding the strange disappearance does: as boyfriendface deduced, we clearly have Borrowers.

2. During the weeks BT (Before Tonsillectomy) I was getting pretty downhearted with being unemployed, constantly filling in applications, and doing a lot of exhausting travelling all over the country for interviews. On the morning I went in for my operation I was in my hospital gown, lying on the bed, waiting to be taken into surgery and experienced an overwhelming feeling of calm, knowing that for the next 2 weeks I would be ignoring everything to do with applications and interviews, and just concentrating on feeling better. It has to be said, that feeling of calm completely disappeared when I regained consciousness after my op, very much feeling like somebody had ripped my throat out with a very sharp implement (funny that); but then the nurses did a great job of replacing my zen with a pretty potent morphine cocktail.

3. Downton Abbey. Nothing like 4 series of a period drama to aid convalescence.

4. Finishing reading Les MisĂ©rables. I’ll just take this opportunity to point out that this wasn’t my first choice of rest and relaxation reading material, however I was kept in hospital for a couple of nights (not originally intended) and this was the only book available as dad happened to have it in the car. I didn’t massively enjoy the book (it’s a great story, but spoiled for me by extreme side-tracking; dubious and sweeping generalisations; and the shallow characterisation of female heroine in the simpering and downright irritating Cosette (I genuinely haven’t been so irritated by a character since I was forced to read Pamela at Uni)) but having read a certain amount I got a bit competitive and refused to be beaten by not finishing the book. I won. It felt great. Take that book.

5. Mum got me a book called The Perfect Hug. As this is just a quick post I won’t go into any further detail, except that it’s a kids book featuring a panda searching for the perfect hug – which says it all really.

6. The program about the baby panda on TV. Boyfriendface probably regretted coming round to visit on the same day as the baby panda program. Since I couldn’t really talk the only way I could alert him to moments of extreme cuteness (requiring appropriate levels of ‘aaaaaawing’ or excitement) was by repeatedly thumping him on the arm.

7. Jigsawing. My mum’s friend (at whose house I was convalescing) revealed on our final night that she had a Christmas jigsaw that she was still working on. Mum’s friend turned out to be a somewhat gung-ho jigsawist with a very liberal attitude towards how pieces fit together, which was pretty unexpected and very entertaining.

8. The Canadian 25 cent coin boyfriendface brought me, featuring an owl and bear. Canadian coins are so much better than British ones. If Scotland votes Yes for Independence and we need to adopt a new currency, I hope we fully embrace the opportunity to get some better pictures on our coins – highland cows, seals, eagles, shetland ponies, deer, puffins, squirrels…

9. My teddy seal. I don’t care if it’s ridiculous for a 26 year old to take a large stuffed animal to someone else’s house, having something soft and cuddly to hug made me feel a hell of a lot better when I was feeling pretty rubbishy.

10. I’ve just found out that the collective noun for ladybirds is ‘a loveliness of ladybirds’.


3 responses to “Minor highlights of the past few weeks

  1. what a wonderful, heartwarming blog with your usual mix of analysis, emotion, sentiment tempered by humour etc. It was a joy for me to share said convalescence. We laughed a lot in the midst of adversity!!

  2. Yes , you’re clearly bouncing back to health! Disappointed the toffee hammer didn’t rate a mention in jigsaw dispatches, even if it was only ‘in the wings’ . Do you realise the progress I could have been making with Les Mis in Aviemore, especially with an ‘iffy hip’ ( yes a little restraint in the gym might have been wiser!), but I’m glad it was there for you! See you at the week-end….. do we have a date for your first go with the Mazda , say at 9am on Sunday? DadXX .

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  3. It was a real buzz to hit the jigsaw with you Fiona – not with toffee hammer of course! As yet that Christmas skyline remains incomplete………….. but maybe one day………! Hoping that your interview went well on Friday.

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