Completealy Pointless

It’s official: job offers are like buses. Nothing for months, and then two in one week. Will be starting new job on April 1st, providing paperwork etc. all go through. Very excited.

That was undoubtedly the best thing to happen this week (closely followed by some excessive Buffy binge-watching) until Monday’s episode of Pointless. It was the head-to-head round and the question was ‘Types of tea’. The following 5 teas went up on the board, with alternate letters removed, as such:

1. P_P_E_M_N_
2. E_G_I_H / _R_A_F_S_
3. N_L_I_I
4. R_S_I_N / _A_A_A_
5. J_S_I_E

* the /s separate two words. I couldn’t get the format to recognise additional spacing between separate words

Now, I need to give the answers to continue with my story, so if you don’t want the spoilers then I suggest you don’t scroll down further than this lovely photo of my awesome Christmas pressie owl tea-set.

My fantastic Christmas present 2013 courtesy of eldest brother-face.

My fantastic Christmas present 2013 courtesy of eldest brother-face.

So myself and boyfriendface worked out 4 of the 5 answers. Number 3 stumped us (it’s Nilgiri and was a 1 point answer), but in the following order we worked out 1. Peppermint 5. Jasmine 2. English Breakfast and 4. … drum roll … RUSSIAN CARAVAN TEA!!! I have this tea! It’s in my cupboard! It’s a full-bodied tea, tastes of freedom of adventure!!! Yes, that’s what it says on the box; yes, that’s how I excitedly described it to boyfriendface when I realised what the answer was; yes, boyfriendface sighed, rolled his eyes and pondered for the hundredth time this week how different are the worlds we inhabit. And….it was a pointless answer! I was so delighted. “Very well done if you said that,” said Richard. Well done me! I celebrated by drinking tea and watching Buffy, and subsequently failed to sleep in my excited and overly-caffeinated state. It was totally worth it.


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