New Job Highlights

As initially predicted, the likelihood of me maintaining regular posts was slim. Operation? Interviews? Starting a new job? Moving house? Not having internet in the new house? Would such trifling matters interfere with regular weekly blog-posts??? In my case, yes. Yes they would.

I started my new job – Library Assistant with the Content Management Team at University of Stirling. It’s great – good people; learning lots. We do a 3 week rotation: acquisitions, serials and e-journals. I’m still getting my head around different processes and routines, but here are my favourite things about the job so far:

I get to date stamp and RECEIVED stamp things. A lot. I love it. It has been suggested that this may be due to the fact that I didn’t have a Post Office set as a child, and therefore never used up my enthusiasm for stamping age 5. It has also been suggested – after confessing an overwhelming urge to ask if I could stamp my own loyalty card when getting coffee the other day – that I may have a problem. (In my defence, the coffee people have adorably tiny stamps for this task.)

Buying Books: On Acquisitions week I’m basically getting paid to find and buy books. Not that I get to keep them, but I do get to unwrap them which is one of the best parts. E-books involve a lot less unwrapping….none in fact. (And less stamping.) Pfft, technology.

Entertaining titles and author names: The two best so far have been Carl Death… “Haha, Mr Death – that’s brilliant! Wouldn’t it be great if he had a PhD and was Dr Death…[cue internet stalking- I mean, research]….OH MY GOODNESS, HE DOES!!!!” and Avoiding Errors in Adult Medicine written by a Dr Ian Reckless.

Stirling Uni campus: It’s so green, and you can (just) see the loch from our room. The ducks, swans and coots don’t have a regular route past our window but there’s a bunny that makes a regular appearance, and also Ninja Squirrel. He was actually called Killer Squirrel (apparently after serials librarian commented that squirrels eat meat) but a few Thursdays ago when we didn’t have our team meeting (manager on leave and serials librarian off sick) I called an impromptu meeting to vote that Killer Squirrel be renamed, as it seemed a bit libellous when noone had any evidence of his having killed anything.

Book Trolley Zoo: I have my own book trolley. I asked if I was allowed to decorate it. I was told, “yes”. (Although it is distinctly possible that this may have been an ‘anything to shut her up’ response). After much deliberation, Panda Book Trolley was born:

pandatrolley face

pandatrolley rear

Next on the cards are Tiger Trolley and Welsh Dragon Trolley.


One response to “New Job Highlights

  1. This post positively bubbles over with bouncy enthusiasm and witnessing said enthusiasm in the conversation over the dinner table , I know it’s genuine! Never lose it.

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