About Me

My name’s Fiona and I live in Glasgow.

I’ve been debating what else to put in this section. My discussion with myself went as follows:

Me: “What should I write in this bit?”
Me: “Well – keep it relevant. What are you doing with this blog? What is your theme?”
Me: “Writing about things that make me happy.”
Me: “Well, presumably the point of the About Me section is to provide a bit of background info to allow readers to contextualise and better understand your posts.”
Me: “So I should include things about me, that are about what makes me happy – like, my favourite things that make me happy?”
Me: “That seems logical.”

So – here you are. My top twelve in no particular order things that make me happy:

– tea
– hugs
– sandwiches
– horses
– rugby
– bears
– Guinness
– books
– sneezing
– laughing uncontrollably
– sleep
– wandering


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