On knowing when to keep your mouth shut!

I tried to do something with the last two posts which didn’t really work, and after several edits just posted the two separately. Apologies if that caused any confusion or bombarded anyone with update emails….

I mentioned the other day that I had two successful job interviews recently. The job I have accepted is as Library Assistant in the Content Management Team at a University library. The other was an NHS post which involved cataloguing artefacts and objects marked for archival across the NHS hospital sites. The interview consisted of a presentation I had prepared on ‘The advantages and disadvantages of storage of historical information within the NHS’ followed by the interview questions. The presentation went very well (much to my relief and delight) and the interview was very relaxed and almost enjoyable, if an interview can be described in such terms. One of the interviewers had mentioned how they thought they had uncovered a Raeburn, but it turned out that it wasn’t actually a Raeburn. His optimism and hopes of finding a Raeburn in one of the hospitals popped up at various points to the interview until I, somewhat confused as to why there would be, asked ‘are we talking about Rayburns….like – the stove?’ ‘No! No! Haha – Raeburn – the painter!!!!!’ Ah. Right. Now where did I put my I know nothing about art history badge…..?

Oh well, what can you do? Didn’t do me any harm, and I’ve learned something new!